Rubber Bone Flav Puppy – Super Fun Toy

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Made From Non-Toxic Material, Safe For Your Pet To Play With Not recommended for dogs with any adult teeth, Help The Pet Dog Get A Sense Of Achievement And Have Fun Give your puppy much happy time playing toys. One of the best toy for pet dog playing, chewing and tugging Super safe non-toxic rubber dog toys are made of hard natural rubber making it 100% safe for your pets Features a gum-massaging, spiky texture; its unique design ensures no choking hazards only fun These toys can be used for both indoor or outdoor playing or training; satisfying dogs instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and owner Satisfies dogs natural urge to chew as dogs can chew for hours, our rubber dog chew toys will keep them busy when you are not around and will also provides comfort when they feel nervous It helps to drain down the excess energy, which may lead to the destruction of shoes, other household items, and furniture. Our toys are a great tool for the aggressive chewers. It helps the dog to deter bad chewing behavior It massages and cleans the teeth and gums while playing. This dog toy has extra thick natural rubber walls give extra durability.


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