Basil Pink Denim Dog Leash


High Quality: Pink Denim Dog Leash is made with high quality dense organic denim with cotton webbing.

Cute Design: This dog leash in colorful design printed on grosgrain ribbon is go to fashionable and stylish accessory for your furry friend.

Durable: Dog Leash is sturdy, durable and tear proof. It is made of soft material to fit comfortably on your dog’s skin and fur.

Easy To Clean: Dog Leashes are smell-proof, easy to clean and wash.

High Quality Hardware: The quick fastening clip made of high grade quality allows for speedy removal and application to any type of collar or harness.

Outdoor Activities: Mutt of Course Dog Leashes are a must have for outdoor activities like walking, training, tracking and patrolling.

Product Description

Pops of pink, peach and red, add punches of colors to your pet’s walking time. This Pink printed Denim Leash is perfect for your pet if you want them to walk in style! All printed leashes have been designed with a simple yet important thought- comfort and beauty in one piece. Each piece is designed and produced in-house in India using the best workmanship and solid hardware to strengthen its durability. This Pink Denim Dog Leash is made of organic and dense denim. This leash is very strong, breathable and sturdy. All products are printed and designed for our lovely mutts. It comes in a super cute and fun printed design and is a must have accessory that your pet deserves! These dog leashes are designed to last and can be easily packed away and taken anywhere. Since it is strong and durable, use the dog leash when hiking, at the dog park or any other outdoor activity you want to enjoy with your canine buddy.


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